• 14 – Summerslam 2023 Recap

    In this episode, the boys try some surprise brews, recap Summerslam 2023, go over their dream jobs, and finish it up with some Reddit content! Check out our social media […]

  • 13 – Summerslam 2023

    In this episode, the boys talk beers, Browns, Summerslam, a trip to West Virginia and some brew related trivia! Check out our social media links and website at! If you […]

  • 12 – Overdue Brew Reviews

    In this episode the boys discuss the past eight weeks beers, a random act of kindness, sports, and some light gaming content.Check out our website! https://www.3brewspodcast.comIf you want to support […]

  • 11 – The Nice Episode

    In this episode Tyler has a surprise challenge. The boys also talk about the Browns, their top 3 sodas/pops, try out some candy, attempt some true or false trivia, and […]

  • 10 – Do You Know Me?

    In this episode the boys talk about Yellowcard, the new logo for the Cleveland Monsters, play some trivia, and a game to see which brother knows the other best. As […]

  • 9 – The Titan Incident

    In this episode the boys talk brews, the Untappd app, Tylers weekend of excitement, the Titan implosion, Money In The Bank, and cap it off with some trivia and would-you-rathers […]

  • 8 – The 4th of July Episode

    In this episode the boys talk about a 4th of July inspired beer, the new WWE Women’s Title belts, the Cleveland Browns and their newly unveiled logo, and some Reddit […]

  • 7 – State of the Podcast

    The boys talk about the new direction of the podcast, the Iron Sheikh, NBA and NHL championships, and Men’s Mental Health Awareness month. As always, we toss in a dad […]

  • 6 – The Videogame Episode

    In this episode the boys talk video games, fast food restaurants, witnessing a moment in history, and a surprise entry from Dad. Check out our friends at ⁠Tales From The […]

  • 5 – Who We Are

    The boys talk about who they are and why they started this podcast. They also talk about what “life changing” money is, and DeAndre Hopkins possibly going to the Browns. […]